Le Thi Lien

My studies focus on Historical Archaeology of Vietnam, the Oc Eo culture in southern Vietnam in particular. I am also interested in cultural exchanges and interaction in the early historical period between Vietnam, Southeast Asia and the civilizations of India and China. Results of my research have been presented in several international conferences of the IPPA, the EurAsia, the SEAA, UNESCO. Publications include a book on “Nghệ thuật Phật giáp và Hindu giáo ở Đồng bằng sông Cửu long trước thế kỉ 10 [Buddhist and Hindu art in the Cuu Long River Delta prior to 10th century AD]” (Le Thi Lien 2006, The Gioi Publishing House, in Vietnamese), Editing book: “Di sản Lịch sử và những hướng tiếp cận mới  [Historical Heritages and New Perspective]” and more than 80 papers in Vietnamese and English.