The Shang Dynasty from an Archaeological Perspective


Tang Jigen 唐际根
Institute of Chinese Archaeology, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences 中国社会科学院考古研究所


Since 1899 when the first oracle bones were identified, the existence of the Shang Dynasty has been confirmed, while the overall knowledge to the Shang Dynasty remained quite limited. Barely nothing had been known about all the aspects of this dynasty except for the inheritance of the throne and the movement of the capital. The archaeological excavation undertaken to the Yinxu site in Anyang city, Henan Province has remarkably promoted the research into the Shang Dynasty ever since 1928. On the basis of the Archaeology excavation, taking some other discoveries into consideration, our understanding of the Shang Dynasty has been improved far beyond what had been known in the past. A detailed but magnificent history of the Shang Dynasty is being established upon the basis of the archaeological studies.


Biographical Sketch

Professor Tang Jigen is a lecture professor at the Southern University of Science and Technology. He directed the long term excavation and research at the Yinxu site in Anyang, and has been granted with many national research projects. He published more than 120 articles and 8 monographs in the past decades. He initiated the archaeological survey to the Huanhe valley in Anyang in collaboration with American and Canadian colleagues. He discovered the Huanbei City Site of Shang Dynasty in 1999, and conducted the study on the layout of Yinxu site from 2009 to 2016.