Mission 宗旨

The Shanghai Archaeology Forum aims at:

Promoting archaeological inquiry of past cultures and civilizations worldwide, so as to increase our understanding both of the human past in all countries at all periods, and of the relevance of this knowledge in the contemporary world.

Fostering the global advancement of archaeological research by encouraging international collaboration and partnerships between scholars and others from different countries.

Learning from the human past to proactively confront current issues such as ecological resilience, sustainability, cultural diversity, urbanization, globalization, migration and social inequality.

Advocating active engagement of archaeologists with the wider public, and advancing public awareness and appreciation of archaeological knowledge in order to protect and preserve the world’s archaeological resources and heritage.






促进考古学研究与公众之间的互动, 提升公众对考古学的关注和认识,有效保护全世界范围的考古资源和文化遗产。


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