Founded in 2013, Shanghai Archaeology Forum (SAF) is a global initiative dedicated to promoting the investigation, protection and utilization of the world’s archaeological resources and heritage. It serves as an international platform for the illumination of archaeological research and its significance and relevance to the world today. The forum is fully committed to excellence through innovation and cooperation, and to the sustainable development of human society.

世界考古论坛∙上海创建于2013年, 是非盈利性组织,旨在推动世界范围内考古资源和文化遗产的调查、研究、保护与利用。它是宣传考古成果、促进考古研究、彰显文化遗产现代意义的国际平台。论坛致力于创新与合作,关注人类社会的可持续发展。


  • Promoting archaeological inquiry of past cultures and civilizations worldwide, so as to increase our understanding both of the human past in all countries at all periods, and of the relevance of this knowledge in the contemporary world.
  • Fostering the global advancement of archaeological research by encouraging international collaboration and partnerships between scholars and others from different countries.
  • Learning from the human past to proactively confront current issues such as ecological resilience, sustainability, cultural diversity, urbanization, globalization, migration and social inequality.
  • Advocating active engagement of archaeologists with the wider public, and advancing public awareness and appreciation of archaeological knowledge in order to protect and preserve the world’s archaeological resources and heritage.


  • 促进全世界范围内考古调查、发掘和研究水平的提升,促进对世界不同地区、不同时代文化和社会面貌的了解,促进科学界对人类历史进程的认识与反思,并以此强调考古研究的现实意义。
  • 加强国际考古学界的交流,为不同地区、不同领域学者增进相互了解,开展合作创造条件,促进世界考古学的发展。
  • 借鉴人类社会发展的历史经验,探索当代社会面临的重大课题,尤其是生态环境的保护、社会的可持续发展、文化多样性的尊重和保持,以及城市化、全球化、人口迁徙和社会贫富分化等问题。