The Shanghai Archaeology Forum has three key programs: SAF Awards, World Archaeology Keynote Lecture Series, and Public Archaeology Keynote Lecture Series.


1. SAF Awards 世界考古论坛奖

The SAF Awards recognize individuals and organizations that have achieved distinction through innovative, creative, and rigorous works relating to our human past, and have generated new knowledge that has particular relevance to the contemporary world and our common future. It aims to promote excellence and innovation in archaeological research, advance public awareness and appreciation of archaeology, foster the protection and conservation of the world’s archaeological resources and heritage, and encourage international collaboration and partnerships between scholars and others from different countries.

The SAF Awards consist of two categories: major archaeological field-discoveries (Field Discovery Award) and major research findings (Research Award) which may be based on, although not themselves primarily comprising, fieldwork. No more than ten awards are made for each category. The award in the first category is made for archaeological excavations or surveys that have yielded major discoveries significantly furthering or even altering our knowledge of the human past, locally and/or globally. The award in the second category is made for archaeological research that is based on rigorous studies on specific subjects and/or laboratory and scientific analyses. They may be comprehensive and multi-year research projects, or major breakthroughs in theory, method or technique, or groundbreaking works of synthesis based on updated archaeological findings.

The nomination and selection of major archaeological field-discoveries and research findings for the SAF are made on a biennial basis. The nominated works must be original and directly derived from legal and scientific archaeological excavations or surveys or from other rigorous archaeological research. The nominations are reviewed and adjudicated by the Selection Committee according to the highest international standards of excellence and impartiality. The principal investigators of the selected nominations are honored and invited to present their research at the biennial SAF meeting.

The Shanghai Archaeology Forum also presents other awards to archaeologists and others whose work has made a significance contribution to the field of archaeology and cultural heritage management across the world. These include SAF Award for Lifetime Achievement, SAF Award for Public Archaeology, and SAF Book Award.





2. World Archaeology Keynote Lecture Series 世界考古学主题论坛演讲

The World Archaeology Keynote Lecture Series is devoted to advancing scholarly exchange and interaction among scholars from different countries across the world by discussing innovative methods, findings and theories in the field of archaeology. Among the major themes addressed are those that have direct relevance to the issues confronting our world today and in the future, such as:

Human Origins and its Evolution
Origins of Agriculture and the Development of Farming Societies
Evolution of the Earliest Cities, States, and Civilizations
Comparative Studies of Ancient Civilizations
Economic and Social Changes
Ancient Cities and Urbanization
Coupled Social and Ecological Systems
Material and Social Processes of Ancient Technologies
Religions, Art, and Cognition
Sustainability and Collapse of Human Societies
Social Inequality
Culture Contact, Migration and Colonial Encounters
Globalization and Cultural Diversity
Public Archaeology and Community Engagement
Ethics of Archaeological Practice
Protection and Preservation of Archaeological Resources and Cultural Heritage
Archaeology and Heritage Tourism



3. Public Archaeology Keynote Lecture Series 公众考古讲座

A key component of the SAF Public Outreach Program is the Public Archaeology Keynote Lecture Series, which aims to inform the public about current archaeological research and advocate its relevance to major concerns and debates in the contemporary world.