Jane Ellen Buikstra


The Shanghai Archaeology Forum Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes an archaeologist for extraordinary accomplishments of lasting quality in the discipline of archaeology. It is with great pride and pleasure that the Shanghai Archaeology Forum presents its Lifetime Achievement Award to Professor Jane Ellen Buikstra, who has defined and promoted the discipline of bioarchaeology, in recognition of her distinguished record of contributions to the advancement of archaeology, and efforts to educate the public about the importance and relevance of bioarchaeology to our common future.

Jane Ellen Buikstra is one of the most influential and outstanding anthropologists in the field. She received her doctorate in 1972 from the University of Chicago. She had faculty positions at Northwestern University, University of Chicago, and University of New Mexico. Buikstra is currently a Regent’s Professor of Bioarchaeology and founding Director of the Center for Bioarchaeological Research of the School of Human Evolution and Social Change at Arizona State University.

Her academic work has had global influence. Her research encompasses bioarchaeology, paleopathology, forensic anthropology and paleodemography, spanning North America, the west-central Andes, Mayan Mesoamerica, and the Mediterranean. Buikstra has published numerous articles, books, reviews, and nontechnical publications. Her publications and academic work show an intense dedication to the promotion of science, the field of anthropology, the discipline of archaeology, and the status of women. Buikstra has mentored students and scientists from all over the world, including Indonesia, Australia, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Spain, China, and Ireland.

Professor Buikstra’s eminent career has been rewarded with many distinguished honors, awards and prizes. Among them are elected member of National Academy of Sciences & American Academy of Arts & Sciences; past-president of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists, past-president of the American Anthropological Association, past-president of the Paleopathology Association; Pomerance Award of the Scientific Contributions to Archaeology from the Archaeological Institute of America; T. Dale Stewart Award from the American Academy of Forensic Sciences; Charles R. Darwin Lifetime Achievement Award; and Lloyd Cotsen Prize for Lifetime Achievement in World Archaeology.

Buikstra’s major contribution and life-long service to archaeology have not only shaped the future of bioarchaeology but also redefined the approach into the study of past peoples. For all these reasons, the Shanghai Archaeology Forum has selected Professor Jane Ellen Buikstra as a most worthy recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award.