Fayza Haikal

Currently Professor of Egyptology at the American University in Cairo, after having done my career from Assistant Prof. to Professor at Cairo University’s Faculty of Archeology. I also taught at Paris!V-La Sorbonne as visiting Profesor on two separate occasions adding up to almost 2 years, and I am still engaged in some of their projects. I also taught At Charles University in Prague and in Roma la Sapienza in Italy, in addition to lecturing intensively on all continents. I supervised and participated in the Jury of many Ph.D. Thesis in Egypt and abroad.I received many honors as I received a Blaise Pascal Chair of research in France for a year,and I was presided many congresses in Egypt and abroad. I was President of the International Association of Egyptologists and directed The North Sinai Archeological Salvage project for 5 years. I am a member or  honorary member of many archeological organizations and am/was on the advisory or administrative board of other institutions.