John Lund

Born on the 10th of February, 1951. Studied Classical Archaeology at the University of Copenhagen 1968 to 1978. Research fellow at the Carlsberg Expeditions to Phoenicia (1979-1985) and at the Danish National Museum (1985-1996). Since 1997 senior researcher/assistant keeper at the Collection of Classical and Near Eastern Antiquities in the Danish National Museum. Responsible for parts of its new permanent exhibition and collaborator on several special exhibitions. Excavations and surveys in Tunisia, Cyprus and Greece. Collaborator in the research initiative “Pot, Potters and Society in Ancient Greece”. Member of the editorial boards of several archaeological journals. Main areas of interest: the Phoenician/Punic civilization; Cyprus and North Syria in the Hellenistic and Roman periods; transport amphorae; the history of Danish research in Classical Archaeology. Co-editor of FACTA: A Journal on Roman Material Culture Studies (volumes 1-5, 2007-2011) and (since 2012) of HEROM: A Journal on Hellenistic and Roman Material Culture.