The Shanghai Archaeology Forum is organized and administrated by the Research Center for World Archaeology (RCWA) at Shanghai Academy which is under the auspices of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) and the Shanghai Municipal Government.

The Forum shall be composed of members. It shall have: (1) a Board of Directors; (2) an Advisory Committee; (3) a Selection Committee; and (4) the Office of Shanghai Archaeology Forum.

The Board of Directors, consisting of 15 to 20 internationally recognized scholars from different continents in the world, is responsible for helping develop all policies and programs, monitoring the implementation of the Forum’s goals and objectives, assisting in fundraising activities, and representing the Forum in the broader community.

The Shanghai Archaeology Forum is in close consultation with its Advisory Committee, involving renowned scholars in various fields of archaeology and cultural heritage from all regions of the world. These scholars voluntarily serve the committee and are dedicated to the mission of the Forum. They are responsible for nominating archaeological field discoveries and research findings of major importance. Another important body of the SAF is the Selection Committee, comprising international experts representing various regions in the world, which is responsible for adjudicating the nominations.


世界考古论坛实行委员制。其主要组成部分包括(1) 理事会; (2) 咨询委员会; (3) 评审委员会; (4) 秘书处。

理事会由来自世界主要大洲15至20位具有崇高声望的学者组成; 理事会负责制定论坛的政策和相关计划,监督论坛宗旨和目标的具体实施, 协助寻找资金和与其它相关社会机构和组织的沟通。