PJ Cherian

PJ Cherian began his career as a history teacher at the Union Christian College, Mahatma Gandhi University, India. Presently he is Director, the Kerala Council for Historical Research [KCHR]. Dr Cherian’s career in archaeology began in 1996, when he initiated an Archaeology Program at the Union Christian College. He has archaeology field experience in Indian sites as well as Egypt, Oman and Sri Lanka. Since 2006, he is the Director of the Pattanam excavations, Kerala, India. He is editorial board member of the Journal of Indian Ocean Archeology and the Journal of Marine Archeology. He was a visiting research fellow of School of Archaeology, University of Oxford. He is honorary research fellow in archaeology department, University of Durham and research fellow at University of Rome. He is the co–recipient of the British Academy Award for international partnership along with Dr Roberta Tomber, British Museum, UK.