Tsang Cheng-hwa

Professor Cheng-hwa Tsang is Distinguished Research Fellow at the Institute of History and Philology in Academia Sinica, Taiwan. He served as director of the National Museum of Prehistory from 2002 to 2006. Professor Tsang is internationally renowned for his dedication to academic knowledge and excavation of prehistoric sites in Taiwan. In recent years, Professor Tsang has also emerged as a leading professional in underwater archaeology. Over 20 years of research has led him to believe that there are numerous undersea treasures around Taiwan proper and its nearby islands, and he has participated in exploring and preserving such underwater heritage. His discoveries of a number of key archaeological sites have also unveiled the culture diversity of prehistoric Taiwan. His unceasing research and academic efforts was recognized by the 3rd National Cultural Heritage Preservation Award in 2014. Professor Tsang is an academician in Academia Sinica. He was the recipient of the Wu San-lien Humanities and Social Science Award for the anthropology category in 2005, the Outstanding Educator Award, Ministry of Education in 2006, and the third National Cultural Heritage Preservation Award in 2014.