Wang Wei

Wang Wei, the Director of the Institute of Archaeology, CASS, received his BA in Archaeology (1982) from Jilin University. He obtained his Ph.D. degrees from Kyushu University in 1995 and the IA, CASS in 1996. At CASS, he continues to be fully committed to research activities and supervision of doctoral students. Dr. Wang is an academician at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences; he is also foreign honorary member of the Archaeological Institute of America, and corresponding member of the German Archaeological Institute. Currently Dr. Wang is vice president of the Archaeological Society of China. Professor Wong Wei directed the excavations of the palace precinct at the Yanshi site in Henan, in 1996-1998, the Western Zhou palace foundation at Zhouyuan, Shaanxi, in 2000, and the Xiaomintun site, Anyang, in 2003-4. His major research interests include Xia-Shang-Zhou archaeology and the formations of East Asian civilizations and the interactions between them. In recent years, he has directed several national projects, including “In Search of the Origins of Chinese Civilization: a Long-term Transdisciplinary Program”,“The Origins and Early Development of Chinese Civilization”, and“Origins of the Mongols and Yuan Dynasty Imperial Tombs.”

王巍,1982年毕业于吉林大学历史系考古专业,进入中国社会科学院 考古研究所工作。1995年获得日本九州大学文学(人文)博士学位。1996年获得中国社会科学院研究生院历史学博士学位。现为中国社会科学院研究员,博 士生导师。他还分别被授予德国考古研究院通讯院士,美国考古学会外籍院士及中国社会科学院学部委员。现任中国社会科学院考古所所长。主要社会职务有:国家 学位委员会历史学科评议组第五届和第六届成员、中国考古学会副理事长、亚洲史学会评议员(常务理事)。王巍教授曾先后主持过1996年~1998年的河南 偃师商城宫城内宫殿区的发掘,2000年的陕西周原西周宫殿基址的发掘, 2003-2004年的河南安阳殷墟孝民屯发掘。其主要研究方向包括夏商周考古,东亚地区古代文明起源研究,东亚地区古代文化交流的考古学研究。近年承担 的主要科研项目:“十二·五”科技支撑项目—“中华文明探源工程”项目负责人;中国社会科学院重大课题“中国古代文明的起源与早期发展研究”主持人; 国家社科基金重大委托项目“蒙古族起源和元代帝陵”项目(2012至2021年)首席专家。